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Eric B. and I (Sal) attended our first Alexandria Airfest today (Saturday, June 23rd of 2007) in Alexandria, Minnesota. We found this out after flyers were posted last weekend when I attended the Morris Airport Renaming Ceremony. It was a beautiful warm Saturday afternoon (arrived at 12pm noon, which gates opened early this morning @10:30am) with some clouds-almost a perfect day for an airshow!

Eric Checks it Out!

This is Eric's first airshow, so he checks out the program to see what this is all about by the entrance.

Alexandria-Chandler Airport (KAXN)

Eric check out the archives on the history of this aiport. I went to read that this airport was first built during WWII when the U.S. Air Force needed a stop before shipping planes to Alaska for the Russians to use.
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  • Municipal Airport, City of Alexandria

  • " Once a stop for large bombers during WWII, it now serves its duty to local business by allowing corporate jets to fly in for locally hosted meetings. The Airport is also aimed toward the general aviation public, allowing a 100-year tradition of flying to continue."

    Skydiving Entrance to Start the Show @1pm Start

    Yeager, skydiver (who I saw last Saturday at the renaming of the Morris Aiport
    As he parachuted to the ground, they did the "National Anthem" and "Pledge of Allegiance"

    *saw this before at the Fargo Air Show back in 2005

    BIG Crowds this year!-according to a spectator (Dave "a.k.a"-Crystal Lakes Bowling Owner- from Morris)

    Many Maneuvers from different planes

    Last picture is a pryotechnic show where they make a special effect as if the plane that just flew overhead dropped a bomb!
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  • Airshow, from Wikipedia

  • "The display will usually demonstrate the aircraft's very short (andz often very loud) takeoff rolls, fast speeds, slow approach speeds, as well as their ability to quickly make tight turns, to climb quickly, and their ability to be precisely controlled at a large range of speeds. Manoeuvres include aileron rolls, barrel rolls, hesitation rolls, Cuban-8s, tight turns, high-alpha flight, a high-speed pass, double Immelmans, and touch-and-gos. Tactical demos may include simulated bomb drops, sometimes with pyrotechnics on the ground for effect."
  • Combat Maneuvers, from

  • Greg Poe signs autographs at the Fagen Inc. Truck (promoting ethanol)

    *I was one lucky fan that caught a free t-shirt he threw directly to me after "coming back to earth" when he finished his maneuvers with his newly built MX engine 230 mph plane
    Greg was the last performer of the air show, which ended around 2:40pm
    "Greg started flying planes as a teenager, is a former test pilot and has flown over 100 different planes in his past 32 years as a pilot. He is a world-class aerobatic pilot and performer; FAA certified flight instructor and ICAS aerobatic competency evaluator. He placed 2nd in 1999’s World Freestyle Sport Flying Championship, and 3rd in the 2000 World Aerobatic Federation Championship.
    Greg has developed a program called “Elevate Your Life”, a youth outreach program designed to inspire young people to follow their dreams, using aviation as a positive influence. Skydancing to an original musical score, "Attitude is Everything" Greg lets loose a spectacular performance complete with high-volume smoke and extreme energy.
    Greg has been featured on ESPN, the Discovery Channel, Modern Marvels, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and Fox Sports. He has also recently completed filming a TV show called "Show Pilot" which will air sometime in 2006.
    Greg is a true aerobatic artist, and his performances are highly regarded as some of the best in the airshow industry."
    -Official Website of the Association of Competition Airshow Pilots
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  • "There are few athletes in the world who dedicate the majority of their life towards mastering a sport not on this earth. Boise’s Greg Poe has logged over 5,000 hours of flight as a pilot, performer and instructor. That’s more than 208 solid, 24-hour days behind the controls.
    Greg earned his pilot’s license while as a teenager at the old Strawberry Glen Airport, near the Boise River. He attended local area schools and graduated from Boise State University in 1985."

  • Greg Poe's Edge 540, photos from
  • 2007 Joint Services Open House-Greg Poe , video coverage from

  • *just like the air show I saw!

    Reccomended Resources

  • Alexandria Aviation, Inc

  • " Alexandria is located in west central Minnesota. Known for its prestige lakes, Alexandria is a vacation hot spot in the summer months. For more information on the city see the links page. Alexandria Aviation, Inc., established in 1976, is the primary, full service Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at Chandler Field. The FBO has developed a reputation for its well-known friendly hospitality. "
  • Flying Calendar
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