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Big Ole

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  • Big Ole - Big Viking Statue Field review by the editors. Alexandria, Minnesota

  • "Symbol of Minnesota Viking pride, Big Ole was built in early 1965 as a second-year addition to the 1964-65 New York Word's Fair (Fiberglass sculptor Gordon Schumaker also built the Smokey Bear in International Falls and the big Bluegill in Orr). In December, after the Fair closed, Big Ole was trucked to Alexandria, where he was erected on a traffic island on the north end of Broadway. He was an impressive sight, visible for many blocks down the wide boulevard, and at 28 feet tall he towered over most of the buildings in town.
    Big Ole's conquest of Alexandria, however, was far from easy. In 1967 the town dressed him for the holidays in a Santa suit -- into which someone shot a flaming arrow that sent Ole up in flames! His sword was snapped off by another vandal, he was knocked cockeyed by a freak windstorm, and once, when he was lying prone for repairs, he was partially crushed under the collapse of a snow-covered roof. Through it all, however, Alexandria rallied to their Viking lord, footing the bills for his patch-ups and repaintings and celebrating his return every time.
    In 2002, Alexandria moved Big Ole north a couple of blocks, and essentially out of town, to a small park on the south shore of Lake Agnes. His shield still boldly proclaims "Birthplace of America," but Big Ole has been given a less stressful spot for his middle age. "

    When you visit Alexadria, one must go to the heart of downtown Alexandria on Broadway. I took my relatives last week (July of 07') to get a picture of the famous Viking...

    Before this picture, we went to the Runestone Museum and notice that there has been over 10K visitors the past year! The visitors list mentioned not only almost every state , but also many countries from all over the world!

    Visiting Carlos Creek Winery

    This popular attraction is actually located outside north (see city-data map) of the city of Alexandria and in the city of Carlos. I've been going up here bringing Morris folks for the last 2 years or so.

    -Morris friends

    I gave a personal tour to a UMM international student (from Nepal) and a 1 year visiting (from Pakistan) researcher from the U.S. Soils Lab on Saturday, November 5th 2011.

    -Relatives from the Philippines:
    My Uncle Lou and Aunti Lita came to visit Alexandria for the first time this past Monday, July 2nd of 2007 before going to visit my home in Morris.

    -Friends from Bulgaria:

    Above are pictures of friends (Tim, Tony & Margarita-husband and wife from Bulgaria) visiting Saturday, December 16th of 2006.

    Driving by Lake Darling (see map) after leaving the winery as we head towards downtown Alexandria.z`

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  • Lakes of Douglas County, from Minnesota Lakes Dot Net
  • Revival Stories

    I learned something new today (Saturday, February 3rd of 2007) of a "revival" back in the days on 6th and Nokomis. It was actually a fellowship hall where folks came for coffee and "believers" to come together to encourage or build-one another up in their faith. I heard this during a break between cleaning-up of a church-family's house that was damaged from an unforunate fire (see story).

    Annual Youth Event: See You At the Party 2001-2006

    This event that started in Morris and went up here to this city lasted 6 years! Let's take a look back at those wonderous years=> See You at the Party Archives

    Recommended Resources

    Attractions -Big Ole

  • Road Site America
  • Runestone Museum,next to the "Big Ole" statue going up Broadway

  • Approaching the Kensington Runestone replica, Alexandria Minnesota

    *see European: Norwegians or Norway Outreach

    -Ammusement Park

  • Casey's Amusement Park 1305 N. Nokomis NE Alexandria, MN 56308 Ph. 320-763-7576

  • " Located on County Road 42 & North Nokomis Street, just off Highway 29 North in Alexandria, MN"


    *see Bible

  • Alexandria Minnesota Churches and Religion Resources,

  • 1310 North Nokomis NE, MN 56308 phone // (320) 763-5224

  • Garden Center Lanes, bowling, restaurant (Fat Daddy's), etc..

  • *my personal site


    Club 1 in Alexandria proves to be a worthwhile Written by Jenessa Petersen Friday, 14 November 2008 (University Register-UMM)
    "Alexandria is one of the largest towns close to Morris. Admit it- it’s a big deal when you, or someone you know, are taking a trip to Alexandria. Everyone piles in one car, you head to Wal-Mart and Perkins and make a day of it in “downtown” Alexandria. Although the downtown of this city is fun and has a great thrift store, just outside of the downtown area boasts of entertainment as well. The lakes, restaurants like Bugaboo Bay, and a small theatre are but a few of the places that allure people to this town. In between the two lakes on the eastern side of Alexandria, a small venue called Club 1 exists. This venue has concerts almost twice a weekend, every weekend. They host bands from national acts like Comeback Kid, to tournament nights at which every high school hardcore band in the area is present..."


  • Community Calender of Events, from Chamber of Commerce
  • Alexandria Annual Airshows, personal pictures from Alex Airfest 07' in June
  • Vikingland Band Festival, around June

  • 2007 Vikingland Band Festival

    "Watch the Grand Champions - Park Center Marching Band compete at this years Vikingland Band Festival."



  • Discover our Town
  • Google Liss

  • Restaurants, Food, and Beverage, form Chamber of Commerce
  • My Travel Guide, with rating
  • Alexandria China Buffet Inc (in front of SuperWalmart)
    1610 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN Tel: (320) 762-8083
    E. coli lawsuit filed against China Buffet
    "ALEXANDRIA, MN (November 13, 2001) - Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm nationally known for representing victims of food-borne illness, filed suit against China Buffet on behalf of Iva Hayes, a 69-year old resident of Alexandria, Minnesota in Douglas County. “This is the first lawsuit filed from this relatively small outbreak. However, Mrs. Hayes is one of the sickest individuals who I have ever seen survive this illness. She incurred over $400,000 in medical expenses,” said her lawyer William Marler."


    Alexandria Minnesota Vacationland - History & Introduction



    Annual Gospel According to Scrooge Play at Lake Geneva Christian Center

    *see Liberal Arts: Drama, Theater, Theatre, Plays, Skits, etc...


    Alexandria Minnesota


  • "Motown"-things to do, from goodnewsumm
  • Movies


  • Midway Cinema
  • Newspaper

  • Echo Press
  • Phone Book

  • White Pages, from
  • Radio

  • Cool 94.3 FM, 604 3rd Ave. West Alexandria, MN
  • Recreational

  • Rentals and Equipment,

  • GurGO Jetski,
  • Services


  • Time 2 Spa

  • -Fitness
  • Racquet Ball Plus
  • Dynamic Healing Center, 507 N Nokomis St., Ste. 201 Alexandria, MN 56308 Phone: (320) 762-4295
  • Integrated Health Center, 418 3rd Ave. E, Ste. 101 Alexandria, MN 56308 Phone: (320) 762-2311
  • Shopping

  • Ron's Warehouse

  • Tony and Margarita by the newly expanded checkout center (used to be only 1 checkout register)
  • Viking Plaza Mall
  • Uncle Lou and Aunti Lita checking out the "busy" mall during the July 4th holiday week.



  • Alexandria Beetles

  • William Hung singing "She Bang's" in Alexandria, MN

    "William Hung came to the Alexandria Beatles baseball game and sang a couple of songs. I caught this one."


    Summer Alexandria Minnesota

  • Car Rental, from

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    601 Irving Street
    Alexandria, MN 56308-1817
    (320) 763-9100

  • Hertz Local Edition - Alexandria
    1506 Broadway Street,
    Alexandria, MN 56308
    (320) 763-3138?

    Goodnewsminnesota's  album on Photobucket


  • Alexandria Youth
  • *Burning Bush, now held 1st Sunday of every month (see details)!
    Burning Bush in Alexandria MN-Worship I Give You My Heart

    "Alexandria's "Barn" was home to a monthly youth worship event called "The Burning Bush" (Moses chatting with God). The crowd gets intimate with their Heavenly Father through this lovely praise and worship song. I was here to videotape the announcement of my local church "Missions Conference", which they also featured the "30 Hour Famine" and the famous "See You At the Party""
    "Everybody Sing A Song of Love"-Burning Bush in Alexandria MN, from

    Past Events:
    See You At the Party 2002-2004

    See our photo gallery !

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